Florida Union of School Board Members Acknowledges Lawmakers for Knockout Education

Florida Union of School Board Members Acknowledges Lawmakers for Knockout Education Reform Policies An intense red-shaped boxing glove statue sitting on lawmaker’s desks shows the battle is on for Florida education.

The Florida Coalition of School Board Members recognized eight Florida legislators with awards for knockout service in promoting values which helped further statewide education policies for the good of students.


FCSBM chose lawmakers based on five various core values it says push education in the Sunshine State, calling them champs who embraced and exhibited policies on financial obligation, parent and student choice, regional control by chosen school board members, balanced reason and accountability in testing along with solution-oriented partnerships.


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Education, not more prison cells, is the option


With all due regard and regard for Judge Steven Jahr, I need to differ with his headline, "More jails can fix problems."


Sadly, this has not been the case in the long and bitter history of imprisonment and punishment in our country to date. Until we solve the problems of thievery, murder, rape and other violations of the law, we should concern grips relating to the fundamental issues of our bedraggled social system.


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'Professional complainant' utilizes credit law to threaten companies, win $230,000 in settlements


Cory Groshek believed he 'd caught a big fish, and he wasn't scared to say it. In January 2015, Groshek sent out a 2,300-word missive to representatives for Time Warner Cable, threatening to sue for infractions of a consumer-protection law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Find more info https://smartdrugsforcollege.com/modafinil-vs-adderall/


The message passed on Groshek's confidence that he could win a huge verdict at trial "believe upwards of $5-10 million," he wrote unless the company paid him a six-figure settlement to disappear.

" Make no mistake about it," composed Groshek, 33, of Green Bay. "I have all the leverage in this situation and TWC has none."


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